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Stevia, the natural sweetness without calories!

The natural sweetener in the Bamboo Retreat Hotel, Sikkim

Stevia has caused a hype, like no other plant

Stevia rebaudiana – also called sweet herb – is a herb which was discovered in South America in 1887 and first found its use only in toothpaste. Today, stevia leaves are approved as a food, especially its extract is used as a sweetener. Many people actually prefer this sweetener to the traditional sugar.

It is unbelievable that stevia is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and it is completely free of calories. The human organism completely discards stevia and as well for your teeth, it is better than sugar, because tooth decay and plaque is not encouraged by its consumption.

On the other hand, stevia does have one negative aspect. Some people do not like the slightly bitter aftertaste of stevia – but others are not aware of this.

However, I encourage you to try it! For our herbal teas, we use stevia as a sweetener and rely entirely on the natural sweetness!

Sitting on the terrace of Bamboo Retreat Hotel, holding a hot cup of tea in your hand
while enjoying the pleasant mountain view, will make you forget everything around you. This is the perfect way to conclude an exciting and inspiring day.

All herbal teas are collected from freshly harvested herbs at Bamboo Retreat Hotel and our organic stevia and mints can be purchased by our guests in the in-house shop in Sikkim. We provide stevia in the form of dried leaf, usually as a part of a herbal tea mixture containing dried mint leaf too. Definitely, a nice souvenir to bring back home and to remind you of the wonderful time you had on your vacation.

At a glance: Stevia sweetener obtained from the leaves of the stevia plant is available as dry leaf. Free of calories, suitable for diabetics and non-cariogenic, ideal as a sweetener for hot and cold drinks!

Are you interested in learning more about stevia and it’s using? Then we can highly recommend “The Stevia Story” written by Bill Bonvie, Donna Gates and Linda Bonvie.

If you have any questions or would like to have any additional information about the Bamboo Retreat Hotel in Sikkim, India, please contact us.

As well we are happy to prepare a personal offer for you to get to know the northern region of India. Bamboo Retreat Hotel is the ideal base from which to explore Sikkim and the surrounding area. Terralaya Travels has been specializing for many years in organizing individual trips to India (especially Northeast India and the Indian Himalayas), Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Mongolia.


Then perhaps a working holiday at the Bamboo Retreat in Sikkim, India is the right choice for you! We are looking for people with experience in permaculture, hotel or restaurant management, preservation or with social media skills. Here you can find more information about our volunteer program.

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