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    Beloved North East India

    Enjoy exciting trips in our sourrounding.

Traveling with Terralaya, you have the opportunity to experience archaic, little-known destinations in the Indian and Bhutanese Himalayas, in Myanmar, in Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet as well as in Mongolia from close up, off the beaten path and away from the package holidaymaker crowds; without omitting the major sightseeing attractions. Our heart belongs the Northern East Part of India, we live here and have a special bonding to this area.

Benefit from our warm and sincere personal contacts, and from their professional organizing of each journey. Terralaya Travels fulfills your dream of delving into the days of the locals during an individual or group tour, comfortably in a luxurious jeep, or on a trekking tour to understand Buddhism, to enjoy the mystical nature with its rhododendron forests, orchids, tea gardens and rice fields, or to study the exotic bird life. Our travel guides, who are exceptionally competent due to many years of experience and time spent living on-site; enable experiences and encounters that are tailor-made to your individual wishes, and help you to build your personal bridge between cultures.

There are so many festivals in Sikkim. Many of these festivals are based on the lunar calendar that is still present from the ancient Buddhist tradition. If you want to get to know the culture and experience the history of North East India, make sure to visit one of the traditional festivals. Let yourself be enchanted by the masks, the dances and the singing of the people. In Sikkim you have the opportunity to participate actively in many of these festivals.

Please contact us for information on current government imposed travel restrictions/conditions.