Fresh Herbal Tea – what a treat!

If only I had known how to rhyme, I would have written a poem on this bewitching herbal tea served in exquisite ceramic mug carved with Tibetan art.

Fresh Herbal Tea – what a treat!

Oh! The aroma is so enticing, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a whole teapot for myself.

Fresh Herbal Tea, Mint Harvesting

I have spent many afternoons in this serene himalayan place (Bamboo Retreat Hotel), drinking soothing cups of herbal tea while reading my favourite Sherlock Holmes stories. Sometimes I even lose a track of count – but why should I care? Herbal Teas are so soothing. Bamboo Retreat’s fresh Herbal Teas have more benefits than you could ask for: If blended with peppermint, it acts as a digestive aid and also helps in mitigating muscular contractions. One can also go for fresh ginger tea along with honey or lemon to ease throat pain, cold and nausea. I could go on and on but I would rather suggest you to savour it yourself and let your body experience its miraculous effects.

Fresh Herbal Tea

The taste of fresh herbal tea

True indeed! Best things come in small packages. So is herbal tea, easiest to prepare and consume (“no pressure on your intestine!”). Bamboo Retreat Hotel’s classic Herbal Tea is  prepared with mint varieties and stevia, a natural sweetener. These herbs are cultivated in the Bamboo Retreat Hotel’s garden and plucked out fresh to prepare and serve the natural and organic herbal tea to their guests.

Here my morning starts with a healthy breakfast made of organic vegetables and grains accompanied with Ginger Herbal Tea set out in the garden which overlooks the majestic Himalaya ranges and Gangtok city. What a fresh start!

Tea with Himalaya view
Tea with Himalaya view

Aromatic peppermint herbal tea

After a big afternoon meal or while enjoying the mesmerising dusk from my balcony, I treat my stomach with aromatic peppermint herbal tea.

I thought my romance with herbal tea would come to an end when I get back to my noisy, bustling and hectic city life. But all thanks to Bamboo Retreat Hotel, not only they conduct workshops on herbal tea preparation but also sell dried leaves/herbs (selectively plucked from their lush green garden) to city dwellers and herbal tea lovers like me from all around the world.

Fresh herbal tea, Mints and Stevia

At Bamboo Retreat Hotel you can also enjoy herbal baths and Sikkim’s outdoor Hot Stone Bath.

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