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Traditional Hot Stone Bath


At the Bamboo Retreat Hotel, a paradisiacal garden awaits you with a variety of plants, shrubs, fruit trees and flowers, accompanied by the scent of herbs. Discover butterflies, singing birds and smiling gardeners. In the middle of a large bamboo hedge is a hut that offers a special experience: a hot stone bath in the open air. Heated stones are immersed in mountain water, enriched with soothing herbs. Enjoy the atmosphere at sunrise or sunset surrounded by nature. Hot stones maintain the optimum water temperature, accompanied by a traditional soup. Alternatively, you can choose a herbal and flower bath in the cozy bathroom in the house. An hour before the agreed time, you will be given a bathrobe and after the preparations you will be led to the hot stone bath. If you wish, you can visit our hot stone bathing area in the garden beforehand.

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