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Trekking in Sikkim, Yuksom-Dzongri Trek west Sikkim Himalaya

6 Popular Trekking Routes in Sikkim

Trekking Routes in Sikkim

Sikkim is the land of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is also one of the hotspots in India for trekking as it boasts of some of the best Himalayan trekking routes. From mountain peaks, flower valleys, forests, waterfalls, exotic birds, wildlife; there is everything you could wish for. It is considered a visual feast by trekkers. From beginners to professionals; Sikkim has something to offer for everybody. So if you are a fan of nature or not, these trek routes will make you a fan for life. So, if you are planning to visit Northeast India, then one of these treks should definitely be on your itinerary. Which one would you choose?      

Green Lakes Trek

This trek takes to you to the base of Mt. Kanchenjunga at a height of 5050 m. On the way you get to see the Zemu Glacier, stunning waterfalls, rhododendron forests and catch amazing glimpses of the eastern himalayas especially Mt. Kanchenjunga. This trek normally takes 12 days and the best time to do it is March – April or October – November. This trek is comparatively challenging compared to the other treks and is not for beginners. The trek starts in Lachen, North Sikkim at 2750 m.   

Goecha La Trek

The most popular trekking route in Sikkim by a long distance; the Goecha La trek gives you chance to view more than 10 breathtaking Himalayan mountains peaks. The trek can be completed within 10 days. The best time to do this trek is October – November. It is a photographer’s paradise as one gets to see some unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Starting from Yuksom at 1780 m, you get to pass through lush rhododendron forests till you get to the top at nearly 4800 m. An interesting fact is that the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from Goecha La is used on the back of the Rs. 100 note in India.     

Dzongri Trek

This is a comparatively easy trek that can be completed within 7 days. On the way you will see a number of Himalayan trees; from oak, maple, pine, etc and pass through rhododendron forests on your way to the meadows of Dzongri. But it will be the sight of Mt. Kanchenjunga that will blow you away. Your journey will begin in Yuksom at 1800 m and the highest point will be at 4030 m. The best time to visit is between October and March to get a good view of the snow clad peaks. This is the most popular trek among tourists with no trekking experience.

Trekking in Sikkim, Yuksom-Dzongri Trek west Sikkim Himalaya

Tosar Lake Trek

This is a slightly offbeat trek taking you through yak trails up to the Tosar Lake at 4000 m. The trek starts at Naga village at an altitude of 1800 m. You get to pass through coniferous forests and also get to see exotic flowers, birds and obviously beautiful mountain ranges. The Tosar lake lies between the Chola and Mangan ranges. The best time to visit is between March-June and September-November. It’s a comparatively easy trek and can be completed in 7 days. It is a must for photographers who wish to capture nature at its finest.    

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The ultimate experience for adventure seekers, Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek attracts trekkers from across the world. This trek starts at Yuksom and takes you up to 4950 m. It can be easily completed in 9 days. The best time to visit is between April – June and September – November. You will see the best of Sikkimese Himalayas in this trek. The magnificent Mt. Kanchenjunga on this trek will be the highlight of this trek but there will many other mountain peaks to see.    

Singalila Trek

This trek route will test your limits but also reward you with unforgettable views, including that of Mt. Everest. This trek starts in Uttarey, West Sikkim at 2320 m and takes to as high as 5000 m. You will pass through quaint villages, thick forests, lakes, rivers and steep passes on this journey. As you will be walking close to the Indo-Nepal border, you will be able to see more than 15 major peaks of the Himalayas and 4 of the top 5 highest mountains in the world. This trek can be completed in 15 days and is best attempted between April-June or October-November.


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