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Northeast India Cultural Journey

Northeast India with fascinating visits to the tribal festivals!

INDIA, aromas of spices, colorful saris, majestic mountains, everybody has their own imagination of the country. India isn’t only a huge country but also a very diverse country.

Northeast India Experience the tribes

An old Indian proverb says:
Quietness is not found on the top of the mountains, loudness is not found in the markets in the cities, both of these are found in the heart of the people.

Experience the different regions, the diverse people, and their cultures now. Let the unforgettable encounters come into your heart and let them build a bridge between the worlds, you can do all of this on our cultural journey in northeast India, which is available for booking from now on.

At a glance:
Northeast India-Trip with indigenous festivalsNortheast India-Trip with indigenous festivals
22 days- alternative extension Tripura +4 Days

27.03.2019 – 17.04.2019
Extension Tripura: until 21.04.2019

We will travel to the following regions:
Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh
optional: Tripura

Do you know the meaning of the original Indian flag?
It tells us a lot about the Indian people, the fascinating contrasts, and differences, that characterize and make up India: Orange represents Hinduism, green stands for Islam, and the white stripe is for all the other religions and serves as a peace barrier between the different spiritualities. The flag symbolizes the diversity of religions since there is no official religion. During our India culture trip, we will experience over and over again how much of the Indian populations day is affected by belief and tradition.

The priorities on our India tour are the indigenous tribes and their celebrations. We will visit the northeastern part of India and we will go on a very special cultural journey. The regions Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Tripura are still very traditional and are characterized by its neighboring countries Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. As well it isn’t a very touristic area. You will get to know the real India with modest and simple but authentic food and hotels.

You can especially look forward to the indigenous celebration. The festivals only happen once a year and are traditional, fascinating and unique, that you will say, I have never witnessed something like it. Probably you will never experience any festivity with the same ambiance. It is not only that the native celebrations get rarer but also that they usually aren’t that close together.

Let’s build bridges to the Indian culture together:

Firstly we will attend a celebration called Aoling hosted by the Konyak tribe. Traditionally the festivities have a span of 6 full days and its purpose is to honor the spring and pray for the gods blessing for the upcoming harvest. Every day in the week of celebrations has its own special meaning and is accompanied with ancient rituals, dances, musical performances and special dishes. In the next 3 days, we will experience the Aoling festival together with many different tribes and we will also get to know about their cultural differences.

Next, we will get to know the Mopin-Festival

It is a traditional festival of the native Adi Gallo tribe. They celebrate it to scare off evil spirits and to bring luck and happiness to the people. Traditional dances named “popir” are performed by the women while music and expressionistic singing give the ritual its luminosity. We will experience and witness the Mopin celebration for several days

Folkmusic with the tribes

We will encounter many religions and diverse cultures and be close to the Indian folk music and you will accompany people that honor their gods and bring them sacrifices. You will be able to witness quiet prayers but also jolly dances.

India is a heavily spiritual country with a special allure. Witness the magic and visit the traditional tribe celebrations in the march and April of 2019.

The journey was organized by Terralaya Travel, a very experienced tour operator in India, which is lead by a Swiss woman who lived in northeast India for many years. She doesn’t only know the culture but also has contact with many natives. This is clearly noticeable by the organization of the trip. Everything is prepared and coordinated for you and you will be able to get a deep insight into the culture and life in the northeastern part of India. Terralaya Travel will also provide help with all legal documents that are needed for entry to India and the appliance for the visa.

Here you can read the detailed plan for the trip.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us we are happy to help with any questions and discuss the trip with you.

Northeast India Cultural Journey

Please notice that you can book the trip starting now and there are only a limited amount of places available. As a special service this journey can also be booked as an individual tour (slightly adjusted to include other tribal festivals in line with your timeframe), ideally from November to March.

We are looking forward to your booking and the unforgettable encounters that we will have with the original and diverse native tribes and the fascinating nature.

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