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Experience our Wellness Highlight: ​​The Hotstone Bath

Our Wellness Temple

Once you arrive at the Bamboo Retreat Hotel, you soon realizes that you find yourself in the midst of a paradise garden. A walk through our garden is already a small wellness experience in itself.

A colorful potpourri of various plants, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, giant ferns, grasses and flowers rounded off by the smell of herbs awaits you.

In-between you can discover beautiful butterflies, birds singing and smiling faces of the people who care for this garden.

In the middle, well hidden in a large bamboo hedge, is a small hut. Here we offer you a wellness experience of a very special kind, our hotstone bath.

Out traditional Hotstone-Bath

In this bamboo nest, well shielded from prying eyes, there is a large wooden bathtub. A few hours before the start of the bath, stones are heated on an open fire. They then find their place in a separate compartment of the bathtub, which meanwhile been filled with mountain water. The stones transfer their energy to the water while heating it up.

Enjoying Hot Stone Bath with Kowri Soup dok
Enjoying Hot Stone Bath with Kowri Soup dok

Herbs are now added to the water, such as a bunch of lemongrass – or a herbal decoction made up of different herbs. Some Sikkimese families have their own “secret recipe” of soothing herbs and healing barks. The plants used in Sikkim for these winter spas include mugwort, dwarf rhododendron, juniper and many more.When the desired temperature is reached – the bath is ready for you to enjoy. 

The atmosphere is unique in the evening at dusk or in the dark.

The bamboo hut is beautifully decorated with flowers, the hearth is glowing, crickets are chirping and you almost have the feeling of being in the rainforest – man in harmony with nature – and in the midst of it the energizing interaction of earth, fire, water and air. During the approx. 20-minute-soak in the water an employee of the house acts discreetly in the background. In between, hot stones may be added to keep the water temperatureand a traditional vegetable soup will be served while you can feel completely at ease.

If we have aroused your interest, contact our reception. You are welcome to make an appointment with us. You get a bathrobe about an hour before the appointed time. It’s best to rest a little longer to get in the mood for this outdoor wellness bath. Once all the preparations have been made and the correct water temperature is reached, you will be escorted to the hot stone bath area.If you wish you can have a look at our hot stone bath-area in the garden beforehand. 

Try it out and immerse yourself in our bamboo wellness oasis in the bosom of nature! If you do not enjoy sitting in the wild, you can enjoy a herbal- and flower bath in our cozy bathroom in the house.

Traditional bathing in Sikkim:
Even today, this kind of “hot stone bathing” is widespread in the countryside of Sikkim. Especially in the winter months, the Sikkimese also like to go to one of the many hot spring Sikkims to regenerate in the water.

Would you like to soak in a thermal spring?

On request, we organize excursions for our guests to these thermal springs (2 – 5 days) – please consult our management or receptionist. Some of these thermal springs are easily accessible – others only on foot or by trekking for several days. The Hot Stone Bath in the wood bathtub serves as a comfortable alternative at home to Hot Spring visits.

Our Indoor-Herbal-Bath

Our indoor version: The Herbal Bath If you do not enjoy sitting in the open air, you can enjoy a herbal bath in our cozy bathroom in the house. For this bath, fresh herbs are collected in our garden and added to the bath water along with fruit essences and various flowers. The active ingredients of the herbs provide soothing relaxation and in combination with the fruity scents for a new animation. The bathroom is beautifully decorated with flowers and after the bath you can still dream a little with candlelight and a cup of tea and switch off from everyday life.

For this bath, of course, only herbs and flowers are used, which are grown in our organic garden.Also this wellness variant is a blessing for body and senses.

You will also like our indoor pool!
You will also like our indoor pool!

We are looking forward to your visit.