Regenerating In-House Herbal Bath


regenerating herbal bath at bamboo retreatfresh flower padels and herbs are used to enrich our herbal bathsenjoy a regenerating herbal bath at bamboo retreatfresh rose and flower padels are used to decorate baths at bamboo retreat

Enjoy this rejuvenating blessing for your body & soul:

If you do not enjoy sitting in the open air, you can enjoy a herbal bath in our cozy bathroom in the house.

For this bath we enrich the water of the oversized bathtub with an infusion of fresh herbs from our garden such as citronella and mints. The active ingredients of the herbs provide soothing relaxation. We also decorate the bath with seasonal hand-plucked to create an inspiring visual delight.

A piece of fresh aloe vera is also provided when in season – apply its gel on your face to enjoy a moisturizing fascial mask while enjoying the bath.

Candle-light and a freshly brewed tea create a deeply relaxing atmosphere to sooth your senses.
After the bath you can still dream a little with candlelight and a cup of tea. For this bath, of course, only herbs and flowers are used, which are grown organically in our garden.
Duration : 20 – 30 min.
Prior booking required – please contact reservation or send us an Email:

regenerating herbal bath at bamboo retreat

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