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  • Activities

    The Bamboo Retreat Hotel offers
    activities for body, mind and soul.

Mornings at the Bamboo Retreat Hotel start with a healthy breakfast consisting of vegetables and grains from our garden, for example. Fresh fruit and a freshly brewed ginger herbal tea are also served.

The Bamboo Retreat Hotel is the ideal base from which to explore Sikkim. You can visit the surrounding picturesque villages and monasteries with a local guide or hike in the beautiful nature, always with the magnificent view of the surrounding Himalayan mountain panorama.


Our Herbal Bath

Enjoy an herbal bath in our cozy bathroom if you prefer to relax indoors. We use fresh herbs such as lemongrass and mint to invigorate the water in the spacious bathtub and decorate with hand-picked seasonal plants for visual delight. Aloe vera is available for a moisturizing fascia mask. Candlelight and freshly brewed tea create a relaxing atmosphere. After the bath, you can relax and dream by candlelight and tea, using only organically grown herbs and flowers from our garden.

Duration : 20 – 30 min.


Hot Stone Bath

Upon arriving at Bamboo Retreat Hotel, you’ll discover yourself in a paradise garden—a brief wellness stroll through a vibrant array of plants, shrubs, fruit trees, and flowers, accompanied by the soothing scent of herbs. Amidst this, encounter butterflies, singing birds, and the smiling caretakers.

In the heart of a bamboo hedge lies a unique experience: our outdoor hot stone bath. Heated stones from an open fire are submerged in a wooden tub filled with mountain water, gradually warming it. Herbs like lemongrass are added, with Sikkimese families having their secret blends. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the bath is ready, best enjoyed at dawn or dusk amid nature’s harmony.

A bathrobe is provided an hour before the scheduled time. When preparations are complete, you’ll be guided to the hot stone bath area, with the option to explore our garden setup beforehand.

For those preferring indoors, our cozy bathroom offers a herbal and flower bath. The oversized tub is enriched with herbs from our garden, complemented by seasonal plants for a visually inspiring experience. Aloe Vera is provided for a moisturizing facial mask, and the ambiance is enhanced by candlelight and freshly brewed tea. After the bath, relax with candlelight and tea, featuring only organically grown herbs and flowers from our garden.


Massage Therapy & Yoga

Massage Therapy

We presently have one professional lady massage therapist and a male massage therapist on call.

  • Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and season
  • Please consult our receptionist to make an appointment
  • Massage therapy appointments cannot be guaranteed at all times.

Yoga Class, 120 min

Enjoy a private Yoga-class with Mr J.N Sharma, our qualified yoga-teacher.

  • Our yoga-class includes an introduction to fundamentals of yoga; demonstration of Asanas (postures) and Pranaya (breathing-techniques); special personalised yogic exercises
  • Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and season
  • Please consult our receptionist to make an appointment
  • Yoga classes and ayurvedic consultations require at least one day prior notice.

Take a guided tour through the garden

Garden Walk


  • Short introduction on permaculture and agroecology
  • Importance of farming and eating organic vegetables
  • Garden Tour and Briefing of all the herbs, plants of BBR with their values and method of eating
  • A demonstration of planting herbs and trees
  • Harvesting of the day (choice of herbs for tea, or ingredients for lunch/dinner)

Note: Prior booking is required to conduct this session. (At least 3 hours.)